Its not always easy vacationing with kids but you sure can create a lifetime of memories that make it 1000 times worth it.  Here are some tips i have found with our kids to help traveling easy for you!



1. Pack food, real food. We always pack sandwiches, fruit, granola bars. You can take food from home on a plane. It just has to be put in a bin in a large zip lock bag to be checked through security.

2. Pack treats (suckers, cookies, etc). Bribery may be necessary when stuck in a small space.

3. Direct Flights are so so so nice. Out of GRR allegiant flies to a lot of destinations direct. Florida has Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando.

4. Before the flight head to the dollar store. Grab play-doh, crafts, color books, and anything else that will keep them busy plus a tablet! Keep all of these plus diaper bag items in the "kids backpack".

5. You can check car seats and stroller for free. Buy a car seat bag on Amazon or check the Market Place (we got one for $5). Yes, it is a pain carrying them but you check them right away and it saved us over $200. Plus it's an unwritten secret that putting extra items inside helps out a lot (swimmies, bedding, baby carrier). Make it light, you do still have to carry them.

6. Have a system and stay organized. We planned ahead. Brennen was in charge of the electronics, food, and liquids (since these have to be taken out). These were in 1 back pack for easy accessibilty. I was in charge of the kids and 1 roller and a back pack. We had a double stroller. I used 1 seat to store a roller and a back pack. Braelynn had her roller. Brady sat In the stroller.

7. If your kids are getting restless, it's okay to get out of your seats and walk on the plane. Or go in the bathroom. I will be completely honest and say that I took Brady in the plane bathroom and we sat in there and played in the sink and washed our hands. He was getting restless and it helped!



1. Plan your departing time around or near nap time.  This will help everyone in the car for a peaceful ride.

2.  Pack a few designated "car bags." One full of books, tablets, coloring books, stickers, etc for you to pull our new activities if kids are getting restless.  Grab a few new things from the dollar store!  You can keep a few for them to do during the trip as well!

3. The second bag full of snacks.  Snacks are always key.  Try a new snack or a fun juice box to steer their boredom towards a new thing.

4.  Make sure they have their "loveys." whether its their blanket or favorite stuffed animals. This will help with step #1.  

5. Kids love to know what to expect.  Tell them, "We will be in the car for a long time, but I need you to be patient and know that we have to do this in order to get to our trip."